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Who will benefit from Coronavirus?

Ahmed Ahsan Khan
3 min readMar 17, 2020


These days coronavirus is on the hype and we are reading news that the economies are declining each passing days. Companies are asking their employees to work from home. So who is benefiting from the virus itself? Lets Analyze.

Travel Industry?

Well due to corona virus, most of the international borders have been locked down, so travel and tourism industry is the one which is mostly affected. Indonesia for instance has lost $1.5B due to travel restrictions. This is just one case followed by many others across the globe.

To get a better picture of it. I tried to check the trend by analyzing the stock market prices of different market player of travel industry. Following are the stock trends for four companies that work in travel segment. There is a similar trend in all the four companies here for the last one month against the remaining of the year. Not only these but all the players of the travel and tourism segment are effected economically.

IT Industry?

Well, this one is tricky. As an IT professional and a tech savvy person, I would say that during all this crisis IT industry would flourish when we have chance to work from home, usage of video conferencing using zoom, skype or webex is getting common. When people will be staying home they would use social media or apps such as Ali Express, Daraz or Food-Panda (food delivery apps) to get their work done. Microsoft has Microsoft Teams which they are pushing forward for collaboration among teams. Google is offering Google Classrooms for school assignments. Therefore, anyone with little tech knowledge will think that IT must be flourishing in this crisis or any company that has online presence would be doing good.

So to test this, I checked the stock prices for big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix and Ali Baba and found out that the trends did not show what I suspected. All these companies have a downfall for the month of March as far as stock prices are concerned. This leads us to the conclusion that Corona Virus has also effected IT industry as well. The reason being that people are hesitant to invest hence they are pouring out money resulting in such decline in stock prices.

Pharmaceutical Industry?

Next segment that I analyzed was pharmaceutical industry. Now that the virus has reached almost 170 countries globally. Someone has to create the solution to this problem. Who else better than pharmaceutical company? Are they the beneficiary here. Well they have to be. So we check out stocks of two of the companies listed in US stock exchange. The results were the same. There was a decline in the march 2020 in their stock prices.

So who is the real beneficiary of this crisis?

Looking at the stats and the analysis above we can see that coronavirus has effected every industry and market segments globally. Though as of date even pharmaceutical or health care industry doesn’t seem to be the beneficiary of it. But time will tell and it will prove that health care industry will be the winner in time to come. In the latest News, FDA Approves the First Commercial Coronavirus Tests in the US. People are benefiting by making hand sanitizers and face masks to prevent the spread of virus. Now it is just a matter of time when all this will be unfolded who the real winner is.

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Ahmed Ahsan Khan

I am a Senior Integration Consultant at Systems Limited | Ex-IBMer.