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Since my days of university, I have tried to put hands on any kind of programming language I could get. I did most of my bachelor's degree projects on web development on PHP language, I did my Master’s mobile development project on Java Android, then I did my post graduate job on Xamarin (which is Microsoft’s C# version of Java Android). I did my personal projects on JavaScript with Firebase backend service. Last but not the least, most of my professional career is based on Java based frameworks.

Lately I have switched to working as a Senior Software Engineer on…

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I have been using Social media since the early days of Social media when Google’s Orkut was there. I created my first social media account on Orkut back in early 2007 at the age of 16. Those were the days I think that had no age limits for creating social media accounts and those were simple days with no AI or ML algorithms which we have nowadays. I have had accounts in almost all the social media platforms such as Myspace, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn etc. …

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Lately I was given a task of finding ways to increase efficiency of our application’s function paths. I was using Vallgrind macros for calculating CPU cycles for the functions. We were initially using drogon HTTP application framework’s getUUID function in our implementation.

During my profiling I found that


was consuming more than 50% CPU of the function in which this particular method was called. I went to google to search for a better approach of generating UUID and found out that there are many other open source libraries that are doing the same job and claiming that they are…

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Being in the industry for over 4 years now (and counting), I have had chances to talk to people younger and experienced than myself. Some young people talk to me about career opportunities and industry scopes, what to do and what not. Most of the time, I learn from them, (trying to be modest here) and sometimes they learn from me. I am also a member of forums and Facebook groups where some tech discussions are happening, I guess these are good sources of learning in the connected world where you can learn from other’s experiences and whatnot. …

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I have been droning since like more than 3 years now with level 16 as of now on my DJI Go 4 profile. Its been fun drone flying and I fly drone just for the sake of fun, entertainment and nature photography. The Maps below shows the places I have flown my drone so far.

Not really a great picture but this my remote office

Covid-19 has changed the way things work. When the pandemic started countries started to impose lockdown and therefore companies have to ask their employees to work from home because work has to continue. There was travel ban globally and some companies have to lay off their employees unfortunately. But at the same time some companies found opportunity in all these. Working remotely and working from home have advantages of their own.

  1. Companies don’t have to pay electricity bills for their offices as well as security and office maintenance.
  2. Employees don’t have to burn their fuel to travel to work and…

Sample n-tier application. Source:

I have been working on n-tier applications for quite some time now and if you are a software engineer with some experience like 2–3 years or more and you have worked on enterprise level application development then chances are you have worked on n-tier applications too. You must have heard the saying, “there are two sides of every coin”, meaning that there are good and bad things associated with everything. …

Over a period of years, you may have heard people talking about what makes a person successful. This could be either on a TED talk or by a career counsellor or by your favourite teacher who love to lecture you on such topics. Most of the people would talk about how you need to be smarter rather than hardworking to achieve your goals and to be successful.

Practically things are little different as compared to what is being taught during your time at your school or university. Sometimes smartness or hardworking is not enough when it comes to being successful…

I have been working on IBM API Connect for some time now. In this time period, with some experience gained on this product I have become a focal person for any API Connect issues in my project. API Connect is the centre of attraction for our project as it connects external system to internal system. I have given few Knowledge Transfer Sessions on API connect internally within my team as well as to my client who will be finally working on it.

I have learned most of the things of API Connect by working on it and by gaining experience…

Ahmed Ahsan Khan, Abeer Alsadoon, Shatha Habeeb Jafer, P.W.C. Prasad, Oday D. Jerew, Paul Manoranjan, “A Novel Hybrid Fall Detection Technique Using Body Part Tracking and Acceleration”, IEEE International Conference on Innovative Technologies in Intelligent Systems & Industrial Application (CITISIA), Sydney, 2020. Recently Accepted

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It took me 3 years to finally receive this good news through an email from my Professor Dr Abeer Alsadoon. It was a proud moment for me as it was one of my goal since I started writing my thesis report for my Master’s degree. It took few rejections over the years before it could finally…

Ahmed Ahsan Khan

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Afiniti | Ex-IBMer.

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