Sample n-tier application. Source:

I have been working on n-tier applications for quite some time now and if you are a software engineer with some experience like 2–3 years or more and you have worked on enterprise level application development then chances are you have worked on n-tier applications too. You must have heard…

Ahmed Ahsan Khan, Abeer Alsadoon, Shatha Habeeb Jafer, P.W.C. Prasad, Oday D. Jerew, Paul Manoranjan, “A Novel Hybrid Fall Detection Technique Using Body Part Tracking and Acceleration”, IEEE International Conference on Innovative Technologies in Intelligent Systems & Industrial Application (CITISIA), Sydney, 2020. Recently Accepted

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It took me 3 years to…

Ahmed Ahsan Khan

I am a Senior Software Engineer at Afiniti | Ex-IBMer.

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